Old School Books

Why Old School Books?

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Why did I decide to collect old school reading schemes?

Many years ago I walked past a charity shop in Somerset and spotted a display stand with some old school books on it. I mentioned to my companion how they brought back memories, she couldn’t remember any of our old school readers. Fast forward a few years and I was working in a bookshop, sourcing secondhand books for clients. So many clients wanted their old school readers that to help myself I started a website, so that I could just show the clients the screen and they could tell me which series they wanted. But it grew…and grew….and grew.

What is the website ?

The Old School Reading Book website is a visual directory which has search links to most books allowing the viewer to be reunited with their old school books. It has evolved from an old google blogger site into a Weebly site which is maintained and updated by me. There is a contact from and also a guest book. But no blog….until now.

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